Laryngeal Cancer Surgery

Laryngeal Cancer Surgery

Our valuable patient; This information form has been prepared to help you more. It is recommended that you read and apply the following information for situations that may occur after the surgery performed on you.

The opening in your neck called tracheostomy should be monitored, if there is bleeding or swelling in this area, inform your doctors.

You should never get out of bed on the first day and your necessary needs should be met at the bedside.

You should not lie in a position that will force the tension of the stitches.

The head of the bed should be raised 30-40 degrees in order to reduce the swelling in the operation area.

You should walk down the aisle after you are allowed to stand up.

· Drains placed in order to prevent blood accumulation in the operation area should be paid attention and should not be removed.

· The catheter inserted through the nose for nourishment should be cared for and should not be pulled. Re-inserting this feeding probe will be troublesome for the patient and the doctor.

· On the second day, feeding will start from the probe in the nose. The nutrition certificate will be given to you by the nurse. Oral feeding is objectionable unless permitted.

In order to be able to breathe comfortably through the hole in the throat, care should be taken to take deep breathing and coughing to prevent the accumulation of discharge. In order to facilitate the excretion of respiratory secretions and phlegm, seek help from nurses for steam treatment.

You should aspiration through the hole in the larynx once an hour if necessary. You have to learn to aspirate the current in front of the mirror.

· You can write and convey all your feelings and thoughts with pen and notebook in order to communicate and convey their complaints to patients with both vocal cords.

You should pay attention to the cleanliness of the tracheostomy cannula. You or your companion should learn this process as soon as possible and be able to do it easily at home. The tracheostomy cannula should be removed, it should be brushed with a thin brush using detergent if necessary, it should be kept under the intense water flow and rinsed, it should be placed again by applying cream around it.

Sterile gauze should be placed around the cannula, and you should change it as it gets wet in order to prevent inflammation.

If the cannula is metal, you should preferably boil the cannula in boiling water for at least 5 minutes.

· Patient visits should not be made on the first day. Care should be taken to ensure that the visits in the following days are made by a small number of people in a short time. To avoid cold or flu-like conditions, you should limit your contact with other people.

Visitors and accompanying persons should not sit on the patient bed.

The pathology result of the part taken during the operation should be followed. After your pathology result is examined, you will be sent to radiation therapy if necessary.

· Do not heed the medical advice that other patients give you, in your community or in the environment of friends.

You can reach your doctor by phone for emergencies.

You may feel pain when swallowing, there may be limitation of movement and pain in the neck, and constipation may occur at first.

We hope that you will benefit from this surgery and that your next life will be healthy and peaceful.